Olexander Zhukovsky

Peace to
Your Home

Hello! I’m an artist from Kherson (Southern Ukraine). My name is Alexander Zhukovsky.

I’d like to tell a story that happened to me personally.

When I lived in the village of Belozerka near Kherson, in my mother’s house, I had a studio. My mom used to coming to me and watching me working. We could talk for hours. And she often asked me: «Sasha, draw Elton John, please». She loved him very much. She collected records of his songs, posters with him. Well, Mom, I replied, I will do it later.

Time passed, I forgot about my promise. Then my mother died. Once while sitting in the studio, I was looking through the magazine and saw a photo with Elton John. I immediately remembered my mom’s request and decided to start. I found this old tablecloth that my great-grandmother had embroidered. My mom always kept it. After her death, I kept it in my studio. I started drawing on it and I made a portrait like that. The first part of the promise was fulfilled, but there remained the second one — that Sir Elton John could see this work. I would be happy to hand it over to him. In my mother’s memory and as a gratitude for his work. And I hope that this will happen. Peace to your home!


Alexander Zhukovsky was born 08/11/1979 in Ukraine, Kherson.

In 1999, he graduated from the PTU-9 and qualified chefs 4th category. From 2000 to 2010 he lived in the village. Belozerka. In 2010 he returned to Kherson, where he lives and works today. He is married and has 4 children.


  • 2018 — GOGOLFEST, Melitopol; 
  • 2014 — «workshop», SEC Factory, Kherson;
  • 2013 — «Dick-Art», an exhibition hall NUAU, Kherson;
  • 2011 — The «Space Odyssey» Art Arsenal, Kyiv;
  • 2011 — The «New technologies», ITC number 105 Kherson;
  • 2008 — «South Colours» Art Arsenal, Kyiv;
  • 2007 — «Project spіlnot», Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev;
  • 2006 — «Young Artists of Kherson and Belozerka» Museum of Modern Art, Kherson;
  • 2005 — «People’s Artist», the festival «Dіd tse baba», Kherson.

The artworks are in private collections in Spain, and Israel. Also in Berlin, Moscow, Kiev, Kherson, etc.



Шановні Колеги,

вас вітає Благодійний фонд імені Поліни Райко. Ми допомагаємо талановитим митцям у реалізації їхніх творчих задумів. Олександр Жуковський – один із них. У Олександра є мрія. Він хоче передати у дар серу Елтонові Джону портрет співака в авторському виконанні. Просимо відгукнутися всіх, хто може посприяти у здійсненні мрії художника. Фотографія картини та звернення автора додаються.

З повагою, В’ячеслав Машницький

засновник ХОБФ ім. Поліна Райко.

29 травня 2018


«Peace to Your Home. Elton John»,

fabric \ mixed technique, 160×130 cm,

2016, Kherson